**UPDATE** Well the time is here. It seems surreal, that it is actually time to finish the album. Its like I am dreaming. These next 2 1/2 weeks, Tucker Wilson Matthew Turrentine Thompson and myself go in for 4 full days to track the second batch of songs, then I have 5+ days in there to take all the songs where I see them being, like bringing in Cellos, and Violins, and so many other things to make these songs HUGE. While all this is going on we are going to be filming a behind the scenes documentary as well to release this fall. I am so incredibly humbled, and so incredibly proud of this music. September, we revamp everything. A new single is coming before the release date. A lot of behind the scenes stuff now, but I hope its worth the wait. More announcements coming soon! Enjoy this picture of myself at a shoot Davion Baxter and myself just rapped up for the album. Patience is a hard thing for me, but God has a plan! Be on the look out for the official Artwork, and song list coming sooner than you think. Thanks for all the love and support this year, I have been quiet, but soon Ill be back better than ever. LOVE. - JF
The Journey Is The Destination. 

Understanding Your Timing and Gods Timing

Understanding Your Timing and Gods Timing.

I am no author, or writer, but when I feel overwhelmed with my life, I write. If not in song, in truthful stories, where I am real with myself, and real with the world. It helps me cope. It helps me figure things out.

I am in this place in my life, as I know a lot of my peers are, as trying to understand God’s timing. We are so focused on what we love. Whether that is what we are studying to be, or achieving to become what we believe we are, what God is calling us to be. We get caught up in the NOW. Why am I not achieving like him? Why am I not making as good of grades as her? Why am I not finding as much success as the band that makes “crappy” music?

The best lesson I ever received was the “Walk Toward Your Dream” lecture. Us as humans want to run, and get to our so-called “destination” as quickly as possible. Someone once told me, as long as you’re crawling toward your dream, you’re making progress. Someone who runs toward a dream, trips and falls, and must take time to reevaluate, but why they are wasting time because they ran and got hurt, you pass them up, just walking slowly ENJOYING the journey. Every step secure.

What I have experienced with Gods timing, is that it comes when we are the most ready, spiritually, mentally, and right with our soul and body. God has a plan for each of us. It may not happen as quickly as we intend, but everyday you are preparing for your journey. EVERYONE walks their own path.

Ill leave you with one last story. I once heard of a Billionaire who attended a huge church out in California. This guy drove the nicest car, had the biggest house, and seemed to be THE BEST. One day he came to church, weeping, and distraught. The preacher called him into his office, and said “Sir, what’s the matter?” The man said “I have money, but that’s all I have. My wife is cheating on me, my daughters are anorexic, and one cuts herself repeatedly. My life is in shambles, my company is going under, and I don’t know what to do.” That day he found the lord, and as I know, the man took care of his family matters, started his own business, and may not be the wealthiest anymore, but he is happy. Because he filled that void, with something more powerful than any sum of money can fill, LOVE.

Remember your time is near, your unique, and you’re here on this earth for one purpose. TO BE YOU, and to LOVE indefinitely with your talent, or skill, or knowledge.

God’ s watch is ticking.


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