Reflecting on the year I just had, its been unbelievable. I once thought i was going to Chicago, that fell thru. I went to belmont for a semester, released my first single and music video “city life” which got me a fair amount of attention. A close friend died, I decided to not go back to school, i moved out on my own for awhile, and figured out who the fuck Justin Forrest is, AND I finally stood up for my dream. Im not sorry for the decisions i’ve made, I’m not sorry for who i have become, but I am sorry that your no longer apart of my life, and and I am sorry of the things you wont apart of this point forward.
I used to let opinions get me down, and cloud my mind. If i wouldve listened to opinions, i wouldnt be headlining the hardrock next thursday. I wouldnt be a SESAC artist, and i sure as hell wouldn’t be out of school.

Stand up for you believe in and what you represent, and make a difference. 

Its your life to live. 
Even if you lose everything you own, you still have your next breath and with that breath you can be a positive influence in someone’s life

I’m living a life i don’t wanna live right now.

Tumblr seems to be easy to vent too when i know that no one really understands.
   College seems to be a lot different than I once thought. Waste of time? Maybe. Waste of money? Maybe. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Im so ahead of the game on this music game. Everyone here is just now networking and bullshit. Im not playing a school cafe as a gig, I have paid my dues, I’m ready to get major gigs lined up. 
No one knows my true live talent. Its incredible. Im not being ego driven, its just i have a gift and I’m ready to use it. 
Im tired of making music just for my friends to pat me on the back, and go “Thats great”.
And Im not sure college is what i need.  
Im reazling I’m far more advance intellectually than a lot of people. I can’t help it, but why ignore it. Im tired of giving a fuck honestly. 
But enjoy the ride right?    
Life. Is. Fun.
we all walk down paths we dont want…to get to something better