Reflecting on the year I just had, its been unbelievable. I once thought i was going to Chicago, that fell thru. I went to belmont for a semester, released my first single and music video “city life” which got me a fair amount of attention. A close friend died, I decided to not go back to school, i moved out on my own for awhile, and figured out who the fuck Justin Forrest is, AND I finally stood up for my dream. Im not sorry for the decisions i’ve made, I’m not sorry for who i have become, but I am sorry that your no longer apart of my life, and and I am sorry of the things you wont apart of this point forward.
I used to let opinions get me down, and cloud my mind. If i wouldve listened to opinions, i wouldnt be headlining the hardrock next thursday. I wouldnt be a SESAC artist, and i sure as hell wouldn’t be out of school.

Stand up for you believe in and what you represent, and make a difference. 

Its your life to live. 
Even if you lose everything you own, you still have your next breath and with that breath you can be a positive influence in someone’s life

This lonely drive home, just to realize its just another night alone.
How am I gonna make it the life I want?
If the life I got just got aint enough.
Friends are faker,
Enemys are stronger,
And this life seems to be getting harder and harder.
Cannot see the future, or I cannot deny the past.
Im just chasing something that I know in my heart can last.
Help me not lead astray,
To live a life in a way that I can see.
In a life where I can have peace.
Where everyone truly seems me.
Part of a new song im working on.
- I do wanna take the time to say, ive stood up for what i believe in. What i really want to do, yet i feel like the lost kid getting laughed at, at a party, and taking that lonesome lonely walk home. That lonely embarrassing walk through a party cause no one wants you there. If you can not fit into society i believe your meant to stand out. One day ill dedicate my grammy to the kids with a lost dream. Cause theres hope. And im gonna show it to the world ON MY OWN. BY MYSELF. Cause thats who the fuck i am. Thats who the fuck i was meant to be. Ive been fucking alone for so long. From the time i was 6, my father was sick, never knowing who and what was gonna happen, and a mother working to make ends meet. I took care of myself. And thats what i’m gonna keep doing. People are fake man, fuck it. I cant keep holding on to friendships that don’t really exist. They just want friendship for the glory. 
Im not sure really where to go right now. I have this vision of how I want to change the world. Musically, and as a person, but as I have been told countless times, “Things worthy of lasting won’t come easy.” 
Im scared right now. Im in a major debate on whether I should continue my education at a university, or quit and focus on music whole heartedly. Im scared on what people will think. Im scared on if I will fail. Im scared that i wont be able to support myself, but its all about risks. I either continue to go to school, taking out loans, and fighting the fight or political battle that the school has in order to have “music” credidentials and move forward with your career, or I begin the fight on my own.
Sometimes I am worried that I am starting to lose my drive. I feel like its just road block after road block. 

I just would like to know what these signs mean, and where I’m supposed to go, and what I’m supposed to do with my talent. 

I’m living a life i don’t wanna live right now.